Monday, July 1, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Mayor Jean Stothert

The Reuben Press got an exclusive interview with Mayor Jean Stothert.  We talked about fires, police, lunch and the future of Omaha.

The Reuben Press: Congrats on becoming the first female mayor of Omaha.  How does that feel?

Mayor Stothert: Sometimes sticky, sometimes salty, but mostly sticky. I don't think of it in terms of male or female mayor. Most of the time I don't think about the position at all.

RP: What new changes should we see in your first year as mayor?

MS: Well, I do have this powder blue dress that I just bought. I think I might wear that when I fire the fire chief. Ha, fire the fire chief. I crack me up!

RP: I was thinking more on the lines of policies you promised to change during your campaign. Like repeal the restaurant tax and the LGBT ordinance?

MS: Yeah, um... I yeah, it is a really nice dress that goes well with my eyes. Don't you think I have nice eyes. Gladis, at my weekly Bunko game says she has better eyes then me. I don't think so Gladis. I am the mayor.

RP: Moving on, you talked about making changes to the fire and police department. What did you have in mind?

MS: Well first off,  I am the mayor. This is not the fire department's changes or the police department's changes, but the mayor's changes. So, I would like to see more rescuing of pets out of trees.  I think if we see a lot more of that, then the crime will just disappear. It makes sense in my brain so let's do it.

RP: Finally, what did you have for lunch today?

MS: Let's see. I swallowed my pride and a diet coke.

RP: Ok, thanks for having us.

MS: Thanks for agreeing with me. I hate it when the press is all mean and judge mcjudgie.

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