Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ask A Person Arrested Poll: What is the Best Place to get A Hamburger in Omaha?

The Reuben Press Asked these people arrested, What is the best place to get a hamburger in Omaha? Here is what they said.

"My bitchy girlfriend won't make me one. I guess that is what you get for dating a 13 year old.  I would have to say the McDonald's off of 42nd. I always by her a Happy Meal and she gets mad. She reminds me she is not in grade school anymore. They grow up so fast."

 "Taco Johns... Wait, Taco Bell.. I don't know! I am so high right now."

" Geaddrewwbbarr hgurgggrtwe ttooth leofiewa!'

"Any up all night diner. I like the up all night diners. I can grab a hamburger fast and go back home and take a tooth brush and clean my bathroom and then vacuum my floor and then polish my shoes and then grab another hamburger."

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