Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jim Flowers Dew Point Sounds Dirty

Even though weather man Jim Flowers in back on the air at KMTV Action 3 News, some people still can't get the rumors of him caught in a prostitution ring out of their minds.

 Barb Coleman was watching his Forecast last Sunday, when she couldn't stop giggling like a seven year old boy. "He kept saying to check his 'Dew Point'," she said. "I couldn't stop laughing. Then I really lost it when he said there was a 'Cold Front Coming In From the North"

Coleman isn't the only one who can't stop laughing. Chuck Sanderson of Elkhorn told The Reuben Press that he can barely make it through an entire minute of Flowers on screen. "It starts with that huge Flower he wears. Then I hear him click that clicker and he says 'Looks like A Heat Wave will Hit Omaha This Weekend' and I am crying until Craig Nigrelli comes on. Then I just get depressed again. 

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