Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stothert Has A Huge Hose

Mayor, Jean Stothert told her neighbor today that she thinks that she has a bigger hose then him.

"I could tell I had a bigger hose than him,'' said Stothert. "Besides, he has one of those Pocket Hoses. It might take up less space, but there is no way that thing can put out a fire. 

 She came to the hose conclusion when she gave a list of things her neighbor needs to do different in their west Omaha neighborhood. The letter reads:

* A list of how many times you mow your lawn and roughly what time you do.

* A list of all the sprinklers you have and where they are in your lawn.

* No cutting your trees without approval by the Mayor.

* No talking to the press without approval by the Mayor.

*  List of how many pets, children, and wives your really have in your house.

*  No borrowing internet from SEXYMAYORBIGHEAD.

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