Monday, June 24, 2013

Suttle to Blame for Monday's Storm

A crazy wind and rain storm came through Omaha this Monday morning causing trees and power to go down.  The thing that was stronger than the winds was what some people thought caused the storm. Many people were blaming former Mayor Jim Suttle for the event. Some not even remembering he was longer our Mayor.

"I blame Mayor Jim Suttle for my lights not being on," said 40 year old Ryan Douglas. "As Mayor, he should of know when a crazy wind that lasts two minutes is going to rip through the city." When told that he is no longer in office Douglas said, "Yeah, right...tell that to my taxes."

87 year old Edna Harriet also blamed Suttle saying, "He caused the storm he should come out and clean up my fallen tree." When told that her tree is younger than her and that Suttle is not the Mayor anymore, she replied, "Well I still blame him for this and my arthritis."

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