Sunday, June 23, 2013

Man Finds Hy-Vee Employee Frowning Down Aisle

72 year old Herbert Ross was shopping at the Hy-Vee off of 50th and Center last Sunday, when he noticed something he shouldn't of seen.  He saw an employee frowning down the bread aisle. "The pimple faced kid, who we will call Ronnie, was having a bad day" , said Ross. "I tried to cheer him up with a quick two step and an off color joke, but that didn't seem to work."

Ross then quickly got his favorite type of Bran Flakes and decided to check out. When he got to the check out line, not only was it an hour later, but he said that the teenage cashier was not smiling either. He couldn't believe it. What were they teaching these kids?  He then tried to pull a quarter out of her ear, but the girl screamed 'Rape' and Ross's dentures fell out.

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