Sunday, June 23, 2013

Omaha Mayor "Bi" Partison?

Mayor Jean Stothert was a key note speaker at this years Heartland Gay Pride. This came a shock to some people who only know the Mayor at the mean lady that voted against including gays and lesbians in the city's anti-discrimination ordinances. She instead favored a resolution calling for inclusive workplaces.

The Mayor was met with great cheers during her speech, when she named the day “Heartland Pride Festival Day”. She then was met with confusion when she said, "I just ordered some Kung Pao Chicken, but they forgot my egg roll.  Does anyone have an extra one?"

Here at The Reuben Press, we have obtained lines that were taking out of the Mayors speech. They include: "You all look fierce today!" , "Thanks for having me at Pride, Bitches" and "Oh, this is what Downtown Omaha looks like?"

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