Monday, June 24, 2013

Fireworks Stands Popping Up in Strange Places

Those tents that you see in those parking spaces are the Fireworks stands getting ready for business in the Metro Area.  They keep popping up in more and more spaces each year.

"They remind me of CVS Pharmacies," said 21 year old Sarah Plain, "you know, in the worst spots and looking like trashy Walgreens. Which I thought were just well, Walgreens"

Looks like some people are noticing the same thing.

"They Keep popping up everywhere," said 32 year old Brian Jones, "I found one the other day off of 72 and Dodge at The Target Mall. I even found one in my bedroom. Wait, that was just me and my wife.... Boom. You got served."

Have a Safe 4th of July from The Reuben Press

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