Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who will be the new Fire Chief?

 Jean Stothert says she wants a new fire chief. The fire chief hasn't even been fired and she already has people she is thinking about.

The Reuben Press has the mayors short list of people she wants to become the new chief. In no order, we break down all 3 people on the short list

#1. Jim Flowers - "He is a chief right?" said Stothert. "So he is a perfect choice."

 Pros: Jim know what it is like to talk in public. He has passion for his job and knows radar and    sirens.  He is living proof of the phrase.... liar, liar pants and fire.

Cons: He like hookers.

#2.  Jean Stothert - "I would be great," said Stothert. "I'm always putting out fires

Pros: She would be the best dressed fire chief in Omaha history. She likes water.

Cons: When she opens her mouth, sometimes she breathes out fire. You can't fight fire with fire.

#3. A Monkey - "I've always said that even a monkey can do the job better," said Stothert.

Pro: Well, everything. Stothert might be right for once. The fire chief wouldn't talk back. The monkey could swing from tree to tree to rescue cats.

Cons: The monkey might trade fire hoses for bananas.

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