Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Hipster Describes an 80's Sitcom: This week 'Full House'

Every Thursday, A hipster will open a Pabst Blue Ribbon and try to describe an 80's sitcom. This weeks hipster is Karla Samson. She lives in midtown and will describe the show 'Full House'

Wow, this web series is really strange. Three guys living in the same house with three little girls in San Francesco. Sounds like my last five ex boyfriends, gay. So one is the father and one of them is the guy that sells that yogurt. Not the fart yogurt but the Greek kind. Then there is this Canadian guy the comes in and does weird voices. I would describe him as a generic Robin Williams. Then some girl with ponytails ... I am so going to put my hair up like that... she keeps calling people rude. How long was this show on? I am so into it. Ironically, of course.

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