Monday, July 15, 2013

New Rules for Old Market Street Performers

Seems that the city has come out with new rules for those street performers you see in the Old Market. Anyone that knows downtown in the Old Market knows that on the corner, street performers like to show off and earn some extra cash.  A recent trip to the Old Market shows that there are new rules for these folks. Seem like you must qualify to these rules.

Rule 1: You can play a guitar in the Old Market. Don't worry though, you don't have to play it well. 

Rule 2:  Bongo Drums or Large Weird Instruments that block peoples path when you are walking in the Old Market are also aloud. Again, you don't have to play them well.

Rule 3: You must look like either a hipster that won't shave off his beard or a girl that wants to audition for American Idol.

Rule 4: You can play the saxophone, as long as you let  people do funny Film Noir references while they walk by.

Rule 5: A creepy balloon animal guy.

Judging by The Reuben Presses last trip to the Old Market, everyone is following the rules just fine.

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