Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conspiracy Theories on HOT Fire Station Pic

Over the last couple of days, a picture of a woman posing on fire trucks and with firemen has raised local eyebrows. An investigation is underway on why the woman would be in the fire station. Some have some conspiracy theories on why.

"I have a couple of theories on why the woman was at the fire station," said Carl Jerkins "One of my theories is that she thought Jim Flowers was the new fire chief. This could be true because she looks like a hooker."

Many don't think that theory has any traction and believe something else could be the cause.

Local conspiracy theory nut, Scott Chris said, "Woman were at the fire station all the time when Jim Suttle was in office. Where do you think the money from the restaurant tax went to? Cheep women and fast drugs. Shame how our tax dollars are being used."

There is one last theory that is making the rounds.

"It just can't be true," said George Burton "I heard that mayor Jean Stothert sent the woman there to set up the fire chief. This just can't be true. I need to know the truth. It is out there.

When asked if the last theory was right Stothert said. "Why would my friend's daughter, Brandy be at the fire station..... I mean, I have no idea who she is. We will found out why Brandy... I mean why the woman was there."

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