Monday, July 8, 2013

Jean Stothert Really Takes It To Race

Seems the newly elected mayor of Omaha is popping up everywhere. Mayor Stothert was invited to the start an annual race over the holiday weekend.  Stothert was a little bit fuzzy about why she was there or what invite she was really at.

"When I heard race, I thought something completely different," said the Mayor. "I thought this would be some other kind of rally. That is why I brought my gun. I thought this was a rally for my 2nd amendment rights."

The runners at the race were surprised when the mayor wasn't making sense when she showed up.

"She started yelling something about race and greatest and then started waving the gun around," said David Johnson. "When she realized she was there to start the race, she calmed down and pointed the gun up and made the sound, bang bang. She didn't actually shoot it off she just said the words, bang bang.. So we kind of all looked at her weird and then took off. It was a great race!'

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