Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter to the Editor/Letter from the Editor.

We got some feedback from a reader. We always enjoy feedback. Perri Pryor of Omaha, Ne writes, "Your blog sucks, spammer!" 

 Perri Pryor is a freelance writer based in Omaha, NE. He writes mostly articles about news, arts, video games, and entertainment. I am impressed with Pryor's resume and have read some of his articles. I am impressed with what I have read. Pryor has seen active duty in the Air Force and received major awards for his service. I thanks him and applaud him for his services. According to his Linkedin page, him and his wife even raise money for the MS walk. I thank him for his time to find a cure for an awful disease. Looks like he even made the Dean Lists at Lindenwood University. This is something I could of never done. So with all these causes and accomplishments, for all the time he spent fighting for our country and gaining higher education, Pryor still uses the word SUCKS. My blog isn't the greatest thing in the world. I don't have badges, medals or lists. Sometimes I make mistakes and even regrets. I am not perfect and will never claim to be. My blog is here to make people laugh and for a release for me and the reader. I will always stand by my blog and let people read it. They can complain or compliment if they want. What I will not do is tell some one they suck. Besides, I have more creative ways to tell someone that.

Thanks for your feedback Perri Pyror. Keep doing what you do best

The Reuben Press

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