Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Omaha Number 1 on list of Cities that Begin with Oma

Omaha is number 1 again. A list came out with cities that begin with Oma. After years of debate and countless votes, Omaha became number 1 on the list. Most are happy with the new status of a number 1 on the list.

"It is so suprising that we made it on the list," said Sally Jones. "I am proud to live in a city that begins with Oma. It's about time.!!!"

Some people are not happy and feel like it is just another list in a long line of lists.

"Oh great, now people are going to get a big head," said Kevin McGraw. "People are going to gloat about this. Like when we were number 1 for cities that end with Ha.

Turns out that the news was premature and read wrong. The real number 1 was the city, Omaha, Texas. Better luck next year.

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