Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ask a Person Arrested Poll: What is your favorite area of Omaha?

The Reuben Press Asked these people arrested:What if your favorite area of Omaha?  Here is what they said?

"The Old Market. I like to eat at Spaghetti Works, stroll around the blocks, make fun of the street performers, and shank the bitch that was sleeping with my man. She hangs out Scooters/FNBO bank. Bitch steal WiFi like she does men."

"West Omaha!!!"

"I like Midtown Crossing. I love all the shops. There are a lot of young people that work there, so it is so easy to put a cashmere scarf in your purse. Then I wash it down by swallowing my pride and some Chick-Fa-La."

"I play Bongo Drums on this Balcony off of 29th and Jackson. I so piss of these guys that think they are so cool. I like to smoke pot!"

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