Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jean Stothert + Fire Chief = Love Letters?

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert and Fire Chief Mike McDonnell are at it again on disagreements over the city budget and the fire budget. Seems even thought both know technology has advanced and normal people communicate through text message and email, both are sending each other letters back and forth. The Reuben Press has obtained a copy of all the letters sent in the last couple days.

Stothert: All the directors, including the fire chief, on Monday morning  are free to talk to the media about the budget.

(response) McDonnell: Until I get written approval from your office, I will not talk to anyone about the new budget.

(response) Stothert: Do what you want. I am not going to give you written permission. This isn't a joke. Besides, I'm running out of "WORLD BEST MAYOR" letterhead.

(response) McDonnell : If you need to borrow some letterhead, I think your husband might have some leftover. BOOM!

(response) Stothert: I'm rubber, your glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me, because I live in West O.

(response) McDonnell: Have you tried the Hamburgers at Dinkers?

(response) Stothert: Is it in West O? If not, then hell no.

(response) McDonnell: This has been fun. Letter writing is a lost art.

(response) Stothert: You are right, but this is a lot of paper. I don't want any of these stacks to catch on fire.


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