Monday, August 5, 2013

Stothert Babe: Hero in the City

Mayor Jean Stothert saved a pig's life today. Stothert said the pig was crossing the street when she saved it from getting hit.

"I was driving in downtown Omaha," said the mayor, "When I saw the pig crossing 90th street. I ran over there in my pumps and picked him up in my arms."

When told that 90th street is not downtown Omaha, Stothert said, "I saved a pig. I am a hero. That means something. I'll kiss this pig if it means I will get another term as mayor. Where is my lip gloss? Someone hand me my damn lip gloss."

The organization, PETA has applauded the mayor for her work. When asked about it the mayor said, "BETA? I don't even own a VHS. I am blue ray chick. Great, now I am going to home and watch Babe: Pig in the City. Huge James Cromwell Fan."

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